February 4, 2012

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Dear Friends and Supporters, 

We’ve reached the 5 week mark!
We have now concluded five weeks of the legislative session and bills are slowly getting out of committees and to the Senate floor for debate and vote. It has been a slow start for many reasons – there are the Governor’s proposals for tax and education reform, the Medicaid (Kan-Med re-organization, KPERS reform, and redistricting. All of the proposals bring their own set of challenges to get through the legislative process. It is my belief few if any will actually get through committee this year and to the Senate floor for debate. I plan to push for one specific piece of the tax plan, which includes the elimination of personal income tax for LLCs and S-Corps. This is probably the most significant proposal to grow our economy and build wealth among job creators and entrepreneurs.

HCR 5007 passes through Senate Committee
The Healthcare Freedom Amendment passed Senate Judiciary Committee 6-4 after deliberations regarding the impact it would have following the Supreme Court deliberations this June. I am pleased to have seconded the motion made by Sen Pilcher Cook to move the bill out of committee and onto debate in the full Senate.

Dental Issue Front and Center
A proposal to create a new level of dental practice called the Registered Dental Practioner began to emerge this past week. SB 192, the KS Dental AssocKansas Dental Project, is being pushed by a large coalition of social service organizations and is being funded through the Kellogg Foundation. The bill creates a new level of dental practice which would enable a Certified Dental Practitioner to perform many complex procedures currently being performed by a Dr. of Dentistry. I have been in discussions with both the social service agencies supporting the bill as well has several dentists from Olathe who oppose its passage. Although I do support policies to increase access of care to indigent families, children and the elderly but I‘m not convinced a mid-level practioner is the key. I have some serious concerns regarding possible unintended consequences such as a lowering of the standard and quality of dental care in Kansas, as well as how this coincides with the Health care Act passed by Congress in 2010.

Tax fix bill key to job growth
The Senate Tax Committee heard amendments to SB 317 passed in 2006, the property tax exemption on business machinery and equipment. The bill addresses a ruling by the Kansas Court of Tax Appeals and their subsequent interpretation that allowed Montgomery County to tax personal property at the level of real property resulting in a $10 million tax bill increase to Coffeeville Resources. This was NOT the intent of the 2006 legislature. SB 317’s amended language would clarify what is “personal property” and prevent the spread of such attempts by other counties throughout Kansas.

Sharia Law addressed in Committee
Senate Judiciary had two days of hearings on HB 2087 concerning protection of rights under the US Constitution. The bill protects the constitutional rights of Kansas citizens from incursion of foreign laws and foreign legal doctrines. The hearings included disturbing testimony from federal agents and Kansas attorneys who work with our courts and effected citizens who seek protection from the practice of Sharia Law being administered in our courts.

State gains jobs
There is good news from Senate Commerce Committee! First, Kansas is seeing job growth in several key sectors including professional and business services (gained 8,200 jobs), a 5.7 percent increase. These gains were in administrative and support services, waste management and remediation services. Manufacturing also gained 6,000 jobs, a 3.8 percent increase. A majority of these gains were in durable goods manufacturing. Education and health services gained 4,700 jobs, a 2.6 percent increase. These gains were mostly in healthcare and social assistance.

This week’s activities

In addition to my regular standing committees (Commerce, Judiciary and Tax) this week I attended:

  • KLEAR Luncheon with presentation of HB 2087
  • Johnson County Delegation Lunch for an overview of judicial operations from select Johnson County Judges
  • Kansas Dental Association Lunch to meet and discuss dental issues with members of the Association

I also met with-

  • Members of the Physical TherapyAssociation to discuss patient self-referral
  • Members of the Nurse Anesthetists Association for an overview of the practice in Kansas
  • Entrepreneurs representing theBio-Science Community regarding the possible elimination of Angel Tax CreditsPhoto Feb 02, 11 24 53 AM
  • The Lenexa Kansas Governing Body to discuss legislation concerning abandoned commercial property.
  • Dr. Bill Craig and recipients of the DD waivers for the developmentally disabled
  • Jason Wesco and members of KAMU regarding proposed Kansas Dental Act legislation
  • Six Olathe Dentists to discuss the Kansas Dental Act legislation and other matters pertaining to the Dental profession


As always, I welcome your comments!

All my best!



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