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Positive Changes

Breaking Barriers Together


Positive Changes, Inc.


Positive Changes Inc. promotes issues pertaining to accessibility to funding sources and services for people facing lifetime challenges due to disability. 

We assist persons with lifetime challenges to continue in home environments to make positive contributions to society. 

We educate persons with lifetime challenges on programs and assets available to them to overcome challenges. We encourage families to act as a resources to maintain the family unit...whether biological or extended.



About Positive Changes, Inc.


One of the founders of Positive Changes, Inc., Velma Davidson has first hand knowledge of the effects of disability on the family. Her son and only child, Rick, became a ventilator dependant quadriplegic at the young age of 21 years old. He continues to live in the home with her with 24- hour attendant care. Her husband of 40+ years suffered a head injury in April 2002 and due to situations at that time, they were forced to place him in a nursing facility. He passed away in February 2005 due to complications. Ms. Davidson brings her experience of these situations to the organization in hopes of helping other families “survive” the crisis that disability brings.


During a Coast-to-Coast trip for Spinal Cord Injury Awareness in June 2005, Michelle Bradley and Rick Davidson, Velma’s son, came up with the “dream” of Positive Changes, Inc.. With the help of MANY people, the trip was a huge success and not only did they achieve the goal they had set, but they saw the need nationwide for an organization like Positive Changes. Later that year, Positive Changes, Inc. became a reality and has grown to the organization it is today.

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My Experience with Positive Changes, Inc.


I met Rick through the Olathe Chamber of Commerce and have followed his progress since. We are dealing with appropriate funding in Topeka and have a waiting list of 4,000! This is a great opportunity to support an organization that helps directly with services.


Rick Davidson


"Rick is a great example of how to live a positive life inspite of tremendous challenges" - Senator Julia Lynn




Positive Changes, Inc.


Senator Julia Lynn with Rick Davidson next to a restored 1968 Camero at the Johnson County Old Settlers Days Parade. This car will given away with donated proceeds going to Positive Changes, Inc.
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Positive Changes, Inc


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